I have 5+ feedbacks and accept Paypal as a payment option. I meet eBay's requirement to do a fixed price listing, however, Auctiva doesn't allow me to list it as a fixed price listing. It tells me I have not met the requirements even though I have. What do I do? How does Auctiva know how many feedbacks I have anyway when I don't see it anywhere on Auctiva's page. Someone please help! Thank you.
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Is it a quantity one auction or a multiple item (2 or more) dutch auction? Dutch requires feedback of 30 and minimum 14 days as registered ebay user, or only 15 feedbacks if you accept PayPal.

I hate passing the buck, but I'd open a Support Case to get Auctiva looking at the problem. If you just got qualified (meet the feedback # etc.), then perhaps Auctiva needs to do some type of sync of your records with ebay to get that fact updated in their system.

No problem. The HELP link at the top of any Auctiva page will take you to a alot of good FAQ and other Resources. Look bottom right on the window for Customer Support and "File a Support Request" to start a new case via a fill-in-the-blanks page. Make sure you give them enough detail to understand exactly what's happening, e.g. messages, etc.

Here's a copy/paste from Ebay's help page on Fixed Price Listings:


To create a Fixed Price listing with a quantity of one, you must have a feedback rating of 10 or more (or be ID Verified). If you have a PayPal account and accept PayPal as a payment method on the listing, your feedback rating only needs to be 5 or more.

Although it does say you only need a FB of 5 if you accept Paypal, I've never really known anyone to be able to list BIN unless they have a FB of 10...maybe a glitch?? Alot of people have had this problem. Ebay and Paypal are so busy changing things around alot of the help pages are outdated. Sorry I don't really have a suggestion.
One more thought...... Smile

Auctiva does keep track of the feedback number at the time of the last TOKEN UPDATE. The number they have in record shows on any preview of the Auctiva one-page lister.

I'm thinking that updating your ebay Token in your profile might update that number in the Auctiva system.


Edit: FYI...my Auctiva record shows 150, while my actual with ebay is currently 196. That 150 does appear to be about the total I had last July, when my token was renewed.
I found out what the issue was with the help from eBay's live chat representative. Even though I accepted Paypal, I never linked it to my eBay account and I didn't know how to do it. Once I did this, I was able to do the fixed price listings. Just incase anyone else needs to do this, here are the steps:

1. Log in on your eBay account.
2. Please click on "My eBay" link at the upper right hand portion of the page.
3. Inside "My eBay", please click on "Addresses" link under "My Account" header.
4. Click on "View All Shipping Addresses" link.
5. Under "About Addresses", please click on "Remove" link beside your PayPal email address.
6. Then,
ink your PayPal email address to your eBay account.

Thanks dleckington and member_8880 for your feedback.
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