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Originally posted by bargain*huntress:
nick, it has been a few days since you posted so maybe you figured it out already?? anywho go to your sales page and that is where you will see what has sold and whether or not it has been paid for.

Thanks for your reply, huntress. I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me. I'm aware of the sales page, but the information there is not correct either. It shows only one buyer per auction, with the total quantity sold for that auction, which makes it look like that buyer won all the items.

Even if the sales page were correct, that doesn't change the fact that every time somebody buys an item, it requires a bid. The listing page shows no bids. Obviously the information is not correct, and apparently Auctiva doesn't care, since nobody from Auctiva has replied to my post.

I really love the showcase feature of Auctiva, but frankly, if I can't rely on the integrity of the data that is presented, I guess I'll have to go back to TrakAuctions.
Oh ok Nick. I assumed that it did. I had a dutch auction, but changed it hoping to get a higher bid and just do second chance offers.

What happens when you click on the details in the transaction page? Does it show an invoice for all the items to that one person?

Also I wanted to ask you if you had filed a case with customer support? They can check your account from their side and might be able to see what you are talking about a bit better.

I love the showcase as well, but do not use it. If you have spent any amount of time on the boards at ebay, the showcases used by Vendio and Auctiva take a long time for dial up users to load. Ebay has enough junk they put on the page to drag down loading time, on top of the coding that we add.

I would be glad to help with what I can, I know the guys have been busy updating the servers they just placed to coorect the image issues.

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