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When you are entering your template into Auctiva's Custom template creator, you will notice some "tags" off to the left hand side of the page. Those tags are what allows us to place information you place from the "Lister Page" and from your profiles into the template and then onto eBay. One essential tag is the [DESCRIPTION] and/or [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag. You will need to have one of these tags in your template before you are allowed to save it and use it. If you have more than one of these tags or none at all you will get that error message. Since you are in a time crunch try adding one of those tags into your template where you will want the description of the item being listed to appear.

I recommend you review all tags available when you have a chance so that you may become familiar with what is possible and what is not.

Best of Luck
To get to the custom template pages, click on the Listing tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page. The links to create and manage your custom templates are inside the blue box labeled "Custom Templates" to the right.

The "tags" that Brent was refering to are displayed in the form of a list of blue links surrounded by an orange box labeled "Custom Template Tags" on the Create Custom Template page.

Hope that helps,
Auctiva David

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