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I would also like some input on folder use.

I currently put "new" saved listings in a few different folders (To Post, Wait for Discount, Check Competition, etc.). After the item has been scheduled to be posted, I move them to categorized "Posted" folders so I can reuse them. If I sort the items in descending order by folder name it seems to work well for me, items available for posting are at the top of the list.

HELP: I am very confused with the Auctiva Active and Closed listings folders. Since you can't edit or copy these they don't seem to be in the same league as the saved listings. Right? Where are the images for these stored, can I move/delete the image files without corrupting the Active & Closed listings?

Also, how do you keep from reposting an item accidentally? Is there any history of when saved listings have been posted and whether they sold or not? What is the procedure people use to prevent double posting (especially repetitive items that you post every other week or so).


I currently use image folders called New and Posted.

HELP: What rationality is used to organize images? Can you safely move images between folders without corrupting current eBay listings or saved listings?
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