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I seem to be struggling with the folders. I have made several folders in different places and only one shows up to put my auction in. Can someone please tell where I made the one and only that keeps appearing.

It seems this is a good place to keep items seperated. I have just started to try Auctiva and want to continue. Only problem is I am having trouble getting around at times.

Thanks everyone for helping the newbie.
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Hi maxtac,

Thanks for posting about your experience here. When you are using folders to organize your listing and image data within Auctiva, it is first important to understand that there are effectively two types of folders, which are image folders and listing folders. I can see that you have already created several folders of each type.

Beyond that, it is also important to understand that, when you are looking for items in a folder on a particular page, the page will only display data in that folder which is of the type that the page is intended to display.

For example, if you place an item on your Saved Listings page into a specific folder, you would not be able to find the item by going to your Closed Listings page and viewing the contents of the folder. Instead, you would only be able to find the item by going back to your Saved Listings page and displaying the contents of the folder.

I hope this helps. If you need further assistance with your folders, or anything else for that matter, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab on our site and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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