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I adore the new templates that just came out. One little problem I see is that the seller detail font seems way too big in proportion to the font I am using for my description in all the new ones that I've tried. In the older templates the seller details appeared in smaller font and were more proportionate. Anybody else notice this? Thanks for any advice.
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when you say seller details font, do you mean your shipping, payment, about us etc. info? the descrip. you write yourself? if you want to change that, click on 'profiles' then go into 'manage seller details'... then click 'edit' on whatever details you're talking about... then click the 'switch to design editor' on top.. you can then change all your font details, just like you do in your item description. hope this helps!! Smile

edit/// and btw, i love the new temps too! very nice. Smile
hm, maybe they didn't adjust, maybe they just fit ok as they were...

i used to use the same template all the time, so my seller details was in a purple color font that matched. over valentine's day, i put up a red and pink one template, and forgot about seller details.. so it wasn't TOO far off, being purple, but it would have looked better w/ another color font. now i just switched to black font for seller details, cuz i switch templates too much, and it's too easy to forget that it won't match! anyway, hope it worked out ok! Smile

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