Ahhh... a day at home watching football for the entire day! Life is good again.

Okay, life could have been better if the Raiders had won on Thursday...

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Ok...now seriously folks..

Let's talk COLLEGE Football!
Roll TIDE!

Watch The Crimson Tide roll over the other team.

<nodding head in respect for Paul "Bear" Bryant>
Someone please buy Danielle a car so she can DOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nascar?

She loves those cars going round and round!

How bout baseball?

Any takers?

Grew up in NY as a Mets fan, used to go to the games all the time. Mom's boss had season tickets on the first base line plus my Dad knew a security guard so we were always there. Even skipped out of school took the LIRR to the city to celebrate the Worlds Series victory in 1986. Those we some good times!


Never watched it or had an intrest until an old botfriend got me into it. Loved the fins for years but just wasn't the same without Dan Marino plus hubby is a NASCAR man so our conflicting Sunday TV viewing of sports. I lost intrest in football once I had the kids.

We are now a true blue NASCAR family!

bogity boogity boogity . . .
You want to talk football? Whew! Where do I start? How 'bout I just say Minnesota Vikings? Yep, the Love Boat crew. Quite the scandal here in MN. Lots of people burning their tickets. The governor nixed a special session for stadium building, which mournfully involved the Twins. So now they're threatening to leave. Go Vikes!

If you have Fox Sports Channel..the number one ranked football team in the US (rated by US TODAY) is playing a NATIONALLY televised game tonight.

Watch for me in the stands shaking orange and black pom poms.

Go Lakeland Senior High School Dreadnaughts!
Yeah, the Vikes are out for the season. Dante Culpepper injured seriously. Talk of head coach Mike Tyce getting let go. Yeah, we fire 'em when they don't do as they should. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Bet that new owner is sorry he ever go involved, hey? I still remember the ol' days with Bud Grant and his crew. Years ago. We may not have won, buy we were in the Super Bowl a couple of times with him.
Originally posted by Auctiva David:
Haha SF beat Tampa Bay. Things are looking up! Cool

Why I oughta...<putting up dukes!>

I will say...the Buc's didn't look as good as they've looked the last few weeks. Just wait till the next game..you'll see em shine!

Suthrnjewl<-----keeping fingers crossed
Yeah I'm sure it was just a fluke, we'll see when the 49ers play the Giants this weekend, I have a feeling I won't be laughing then Razz

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