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I was going to reply but that thread has been closed.

Anyway, I have 2 ecrater stores as well as many others here do to. Yes, its free and yes you can use you same name. If your store was nanny then your URL would be

What some of us do is use our domain we have registered and FW it to our ecrater store.

Donna is very helpful with ecrater info as well as BTPS but you'll have to go to the ecrater boards to find BTPS:

Ecrater is good because they feed your items into froogle for you. I know others are doing well with it but I haven't done so well so I'm actually brancing out into my very own website.

For something like that I would contact Kathy at she's does great work and I'm glad to have her by my side Wink
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Thanks Danielle for answering the question on eCraters.

Yep, thread is closed. I requested for it to be closed/not deleted, as it was my thread. Got tired of those who don't have a life coming over from another service and showing their rears.

Nice to meet cha Nannay. I'm the Donna that WAHM is referring to...come on in and feel free to ask questions.

Now..onto ecraters...yep, love all of mine. I make sales from mine, too!

BTPS is the person you're looking for on the ecrater forums and she's the most knowledgable person about selling on ecrater that's to be found. (she's smart bout selling on eBay, too)

Auctiva is working on their own ecrater type store for we sellers..I'll be there with bells on should they decide to go forth.

KWK is Great and you can't get much better!

Take care,
a/ka/ Suthrnjewl

edited to add that I concur about BTPS being the most knowledable in regards to ecrater stores. Look for her posts to the boards and pay attention to any and all info she gives.
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