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Sorry Men, this is for ladies only, unless you wear a bra, lol.

My friend sent me this link to this survey thing for Playtex. When it asks what type of bra you wear most often, click an 18 Hour Bra by Playtex...then it will let you do the survey and you get a $10 Visa card in the mail. It's quick..maybe 2 min. long.

edited to add ..

I just did it and it worked but not sure how long it will go on, usually these things have a set number they do.

EDITED TO REMOVE LINK AS THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED ... Sorry to those that missed it, and Glad some got a free 10 bucks.
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Hey, I got excited about $10, but, I was not accepted because of the same reason that Donna got rejected--certain demographics!! Now, I feel let down! Frown But, I am going to have a great day anyway--The weather is beautiful, I have a family (brothers, sisters, bunches of nieces and nephews) that love me dearly, good health, enjoying Auctiva with my eBay auctions, building another internet store, not making money, but, enjoying it, etc. Let Playtex keep the 10 bucks!!! Smile

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