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Hey guys, I joined this site and thought it was a waste of time. It's called Ywuie and it's like myspace for business people. They pay you to click and visit. the money isn't that much but I put my Ebay widget on my profile page and boy have I gotten the hits and 2 sales.

It's been fun too, getting advice from other internet marketers.

Click on the link below and try it.

If you can't click on it, just copy and paste in the search engine.

Let me know if you join and I'll tell you what to do to get noticed.
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You must not have all your pop up blockers on.

Hmmmm, so you go to that site shielded, why's that then if it is so clean.

Mind you perhaps all the nasty stuff is inflicted on your new customers then they contact you and infect you too.

Shields on full, in we go blindly where no one has gone before ...errrm how come there was always somebody there to greet them ?

I digress, poor Ms M such a delicate soul Wink
Are you people just mad? No one goes anywhere on the net without their pop ups on. That is suicide. I'm just trying to tell people about something I do all the time that has helped my sales. Turn it into what you want.

If you want to have fun with other people and make money, we are over there everyday.

I have a very old computer and I manage it fine. THIS IS NOT A TRICK. I AM A REAL SELLER. CHECK ME OUT.

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