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I have set up a profile for free shipping. My problem is that when it loads, instead of "0" it changes to "0.00" which then translates as a "$0.00 flat rate shipping" instead of "FREE shipping".... I believe this to also translate differently to ebay during listing and will not appear in the 'free shipping' search option.

Is there a trick or what am I doing wrong?
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Hello jefff65 -

It sounds like you may be referring to the Preview page for a listing rather than the appearance of the listing on eBay. If you are seeing this in the Preview, it is, at present, expected behavior and should post to eBay to display as Free Shipping. If you have an item that uses such a profile that has posted to eBay and displays other than Free Shipping, please let us know in a support case and include an item number where this has occurred so we can look into it further.

- Craig

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