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I was curious to see how many people looked at my 'Me' page on ebay, so I found this free counter - - I now have a counter in my 'Me' page, and can look at a report which will show me daily hits (unique and total) for the last 30 days. All free ( Smile ) and lots of counter variations - you just paste the HTML code in. I'm thinking now, I might be able to use this in some way to analyse how well my referral links work, from different directions - not sure how yet, but the germ of the idea is there.
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Big Grin Never one to refuse a beautiful damsel in distress Miss member, just let me know if you need help!

By the way, the code you will get is like this:

<a href="">
<img src=""
border="0" alt="Web Counters"></a>
<br><a href="">HTML Hit Counters</a>

I deleted this bit off the bottom:

<a href="">HTML Hit Counters</a>

as it is just a link to their website that appears under your counter.

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