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Hello, I'm new to the Forum. I'd been using IE 6.0 xp.sp2 with Auctiva, & most Auctiva functions had been working fine, including a feature in 'Editing' called FREETIVA. At the suggestion of an Auctiva advisor, (to overcome some other problem on eBay), I downloaded Firefox via Auctiva. All of a sudden, the FREETIVA function doesn't work anymore! Does ANYBODY know IF there are supposed to be some setting-adjustments in Firefox to enable FREETIVA to work? [When I click it, it takes me to an image folder. However, when I click on my selected image, NOTHING happens!]. Very frustrating. PLEASE HELP, ANYBODY!! Thanxx so much in advance!
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OK, I've got FireFox It appears that 1.6 is the beta version. Is good enough? Suthrnjewl, which FF version do you use & do you use it successfully with Freetiva? I would like to know if there's people out who have FF & who is able to get Freetiva working. I'm trying to pinpoint WHERE the cause of the problem might be.
I use but I've never tried using Freetiva in a listing.

Do you have any other pop-up blockers on your computer? You might check just to be sure that Auctiva is allowed. If you have any toolbars installed those could be a problem as well.

If you can't come to any resolution, though, file a support request and maybe they'll have some suggestions.

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