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Hi all

what a bunch of crap. Saved and Closed Listing could be an invaluable tool and selling point for Auctiva yet they REFUSE to understand that. I wish I had invested all this time elsewhere

My repsonse to the below and I waited 24 hours before psoting this


this is asinine. You can see all the information that gets Imported to the Saved Listing in the Closed Listing there is absolutely no need to look at the eBay listing. In fact most people would use this feature to Import a listing they want to ReList for some reason and the 90 days have ended. As they use the same HYML?CSS page to display both the Saced and Closed Listing how can it be that this infomationm cannot be used very very very easliy.Agin if it is design then fix the design

In addition the message says it is being Imported and it may take awhile. At the very least fix the message.

Why have closed listings that mimic saved listings if the information can't be exchanged. Trust me when I say if this cannot be done that the system design is a mess and needs to be addressed rather then making things look pretty


Original support request and the ridiculous answer

Posted Sunday, 8/5/2012 5:53 AM

I have tired 3 times to Import a Listing for my Closed Listing Folders,Twice yesterday and I waited 24 hours to write this and once today. Nothing has been imported

please advise


Posted Sunday, 8/5/2012 6:10 AM

Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter and I am sorry to hear the trouble you are experiencing. I checked the provided listing title as 'AQUAMARINE OVALS STERLING SILVER NECKLACE CHOKER 925 ss' in the Closed Listings page of your Auctiva account and found that the listing ended on 8/7/11 12:58:03 AM (PDT).

Please be advised that since the listing was closed for more than 90 days back, you can not import this listing because eBay deletes the closed listing information from their system that is more than 90 days old and for this reason you cannot import any data of that listing in the Saved Listings page. However, the listing will still be available within the Closed Listings page of your Auctiva account for your review.
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Ed--you know I have felt your pain. I've had to make changes to saved listings as opposed to closed listings, for any of them to be sticky. i can't even find half the saved listings because my titles have evolved over time.

i had awful issues with photo editing too and trying to eliminate the borders. i deleted the borders in image management and had to hire someone to go into ebay directly to make the changes stick. There were almost 2700 listings to be changed.

Any requests for these much needed changes and updates are denied. Enhancements are not done on this side of auctiva's product house. that is their business decision.

summary--yes enhancements to saved and especially closed listings would make auctiva a fabulous tool. clearly it's not in the cards.
I do not list from closed page ONLY because, as most know, I HATE change and started doing from saved at get go when I signed on to Auctiva. But have thought many times of making change, as most say it it so much less work.

Do I understand this right, IF I did use closed listings page to relist and I listed say Christmas Stockings in say October through December of 2011 then I put in hold pattern as obviously would not list them year round. Come say October of 2012 they would not be on closed listing page for me to do relist?

If I understand this right I would be livid.

Auctiva, would be helpful if this was fixed, revied or redone. If this is not going to be done, would be nice to have clear direction somewhere on BEST way to relist...which with this in mind, if I understand correctly would be from SAVED listing page?

bingo and I am this is nuts they have a great way to leverage what already exists and they close a blind eye and recite caned answers. Sorry but as they display Closed Listing in the same form as a saved listing this is no way it's not an easy task. Or if it truly is not then they have major design trouble. I speak form a background of 40 years doing this type of thing
Could not agree more, why swap one PITA for another PITA. I have noticed that, I, as well as others on forums have started listing through ebay when things here are problematic. I also notice that ebay listing has become so easy with new barcode scanner, etc., if you use phone, ipad and with free pictures am sure rethinking my very long term plans.

I do NOT begrudge auctiva the fees I pay at ALL!! I have always felt it was money VERY WELL SPENT for me. But I do keep wishing for functional changes rather than cosmetic changes.

Back to rat killing!!
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