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Anyone know why the download/upload speed of Auctiva is so variable? I've been a user for over a year now and am a big fan but sometimes it drives me crazy. Have just spent 3 hours getting just 4 new listings into my shop!
I use the recomended firefox browser and usually work when most users are asleep as I live in Thailand so I would have thought the servers are not overloaded at those times.
I would gladly pay a monthly fee if that gave me a consistently fast service.
Surely with all the money that must have been spent on the sophisticated programing it would be worth spending some on speed.
Anyone know if Auctiva has plans to do something about it?
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Yup, tried all that and restarting the pc. A lot of the time speed is fine but then it goes just when I am in the middle of something and I lose all the work. I have to give up for a few hours then try again. It is not my connection as other sites are fine.
Getting the message "operation timed out" after I have clicked the save button is the worst!
Very frustrating
Hi Steve - Anytime you are having problems that are causing you to lose all your work on a listing, I strongly advise that you continually save in order to preserve your description before moving on to the other areas of the listing, or better yet, write up your description first in another program (Word, Works, Notepad) then copy/paste into Auctiva. Then you are protected from losing your description. Hope you get it sorted out.

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