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I want an alternative to shipping calculation on ebay where my final value fee will be exploded to include money received from the buyer that is NOT PART OF THE ITEM PURCHASE PRICE.
Shipping and Handling feels will be used to exploit sellers.
I want a way to ship without using any part of eBay to declare a shipping cost or process through ebay.
Suggestions from AUCITVA???
Got a plan to save the day?
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Originally posted by lookandbuyme:
Hi- I think there are lots of people who have left or are searching for new home. Otherwise, ebay would not have to run the specials for non-store owners that they have run for the past few months. They are trying to bring people in to replace the old I guess.

yeah I appreciated all those "specials" too.
I remember the old days when thee were no insertion fees and I remember final value fees being less that 5%
I was hoping, several others probably, that Auctiva might take over the ebay world, but the were bought out by Alibaba and who knows what now
I do think Auctiva was very smart to diversify as far as commerce (though I don't think I could ever get that done, to much too learn and you know hard to teach an old dog new tricks). Auctiva is going to be doing Amazon at some point but date is being kept TOP SECRET!! Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall long before we have.

Auctiva. . can you tell us what letter the month starts with???? Roll Eyes

I think we are all on a sinking ship, have never felt this before, but am really beginning to as much as I hate that!

There has to be a "reason" they HAVE to have specials.

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Originally posted by lookandbuyme:
Hi- not sure but I seriously doubt ebay will let you list with nothing in the shipping fields and for sure will not let you put that in after auction has ended.
I think you will either have to put in a ship amount OR offer free shipping unfortunately.


Hi Vicki
I actually talked to eBat CSRs several times on this.
The last one has suggestions.
load the ship cost onto the item price and call it a Free Shipping item. eBay still get's their 9% and the buyer still gets exploited for the ship cost PLUS 9%.
Problem #1-it's a lie
Problem #2 it will NOT preserve trusting relationship with my buyer.

Other suggestion was to keep my shipping down and give discounts.
I asked if ebay was going to make up the difference at the post office for me?
They said no.
I asked where the extra money was going to come from if some of the buyer's shipping cost, faithfully paid, was stolen from be before it was passed along through eBay.

I have an experement running right now.
A commissioned item, custom build river set, with ship flat rate of .01 cent.
A BIG NOTICE on my auction bids the buyer read carefully as his bid is his agreement to the terms .
I explain what ebay is doing in brief and that I will protect my buyer by invoicing his shipping through paypal and not through ebay.
ebay will look at the FVF+.01 cent S&H and charge their fee on that.

Thee is no policy that says I can't do this.
I told that rep that if eBay were really concerned for the Buyer, as their "Buyer Protection" banner proclaim, they would NOT be stealing from then from behind the Seller.
Making the seller look like the a rook and a greedy scumbag because our prices may inflate as a result o the new policy, when it is eBay who is the greedy scumbag claiming they protect the Buyer is just wrong.

I'm one smallish seller.
but a lot of people watch my auctions, look for me, see my stuff and visit the auction.
If nothing else maybe some public awareness can be achieved.
Buyers don't always know what is really going on.

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