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Here is the link to eBay's General Announcement Board, I believe this is the only place they list these promos.

You can also setup in your seller preferences to have eBay automatically send you these notices via email.

Please keep in mind though...that eBay's typical "advanced" notice is the evening before the promo starts. Confused I received this notice around 7:30pm CT this evening.
I've been busy most of the day and haven't checked my email/messages or the Announcement Board.

To 2Purrcats, there aren't specific days that eBay throws sale discounts to their's at their discretion.

I can understand the advance a seller since 97, it sure would be nice. Here's how I get around this...I keep a folder on Auctiva with auctions designed and ready. When eBay announces a sale...all I have to is schedule and I'm done.

Once again CJack...Thanks for posting it here!
You beat me to it!

Welcome to Auctiva 2purrcats....I've been using Auctiva since late spring of 2005. I'm pleased as peaches.

Good Luck and much green wished to everyone,
Originally posted by 2purrcats:
Thanks to all for your replies. Smile I thought there was a calendar that gave us advance notice? Perhaps it was just wishful thinking... Frown

(Love these little smileys!)

Nope, no calendar, and very little notice. I seem to always get the email about it roughly 10 hours AFTER the listing day has started! It's 7 am here on the day of the sale and I just now got it even though I've been online for hours now.

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