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I have jumped from SD and, although I'm not comfortable with the profile page, I'm catching on (I think).

Will all of my auctions be shown when someone accesses an auction as happens with SD? I have only had experience with SD and don't know how other listers work.
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Thanks for answering so quickly. I have a few more questions (grin)

It is more advantageous to have the "gallery" appear on the top of my listing rather than after my auction information?

When should I schedule my auctions to start if I want them to END at 10:00 central time?

I neglected to put a counter into my three auctions....can I rectify that by revising in Ebay or is there an easier way?

I need to delete all profiles and start over..however, when I try to delete them, I get the message that since I have used them in the master profile, I can't delete. I only auction a few items per week, and all shipping, payment, etc. instructions are the same. Can I just set up the Master Profile so that it will appear the same on every auction? If so, how?

Thank you.
Thanks Tom, I am finally getting the hang of posting on first I was thoroughly confused (profiles dealt me a fit) and muddled my way through "folders"...but now, I wonder why I thought it was so difficult.

And, I agree, having the gallery on top of the listing makes for more viewing. But, what about those who have "100's" of gallery photos, do potential lookers have to wade through all of those before finding the actual auction?

I appreciate the help.

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