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Hello tomas -

we are not aware of any issues on our end that would prevent a gallery image from being created by eBay or displaying on eBay. Typically, if the header/gallery image you submitted with a listing is showing up in the header image area and not the gallery image area (such as search results), it is indicative that eBay was unable to make a copy of the image for display in the gallery for some reason. You should be able to correct this problem in any listings that are affected using the eBay tool, here.

This is an eBay tool that should prompt the service to try making another gallery image for your listing. If you encounter difficulty with the tool, please contact eBay for assistance. If this difficulty persists for you with other listings, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of our site, providing a few examples of listings where this occurs so we can look into it further.

- Craig
I have several of my items doing the same thing. There is no solution within eBay for this. When you use their tool, it pretty much follows what the OP originally stated. If you try to delete the photo and upload another, eBay says you can not have more than one image from an outside host. I have not had much success in repairing the issue through eBay. This has been intermittent over the last year or so. Out of a couple of hundred listings a week, I get one or two that this happens. Not really too big of an issue in my eBay world. But might be for other sellers. Smile
Hello SpunkyBob -

Thanks for letting us know the details of what you have experienced with this issue.

If the header/gallery image you submitted with a listing is showing up in the header image area and not the gallery image area, it is indicative that eBay was unable to make a copy of the image for display in the gallery for some reason, but we are submitting the images correctly, so it is unclear what may be occurring on the eBay side.

For such issues, I suggest that you contact eBay directly letting them know that your other images are showing appropriately.

- Craig
This kind of runs in cycles Craig. From what I have experienced, it works fine for months, and then all of a sudden there is an issue. In fact on a totally unrelated issue. I received an email from eBay this morning concerning https: non compliance with 8 listing numbers. When I investigated the issue, the numbers given didn't exist. This sort of follows with the photo issues. several are missing from the listing gallery, but are perfect within the listing itself. I think eBay is having some internal issues. I guess my point to the OP was that it happens and the problem is not with Auctiva but rather eBay. As always I always appreciate your input.
tomas posted:
Two of my current auctions have no Gallery photo although they show in the auction body. "Your listing is successful but there's a problem with your Gallery picture". Also says "Trouble acquiring photo from your server". Anyone else having this problem?

As an update, this problem went away and is back again! I'm using a new computer with a new browser and right now, two of my gallery pictures are missing and I'm unable to fix/replace them using the eBay tool.  I'm thinking about canceling/relisting the two auctions and hoping that that will fix the problem.  Anyone tried that or will it just be a waste of money? 

Hello Tomas -

We are aware of similar reports where the gallery image is not being properly generated on eBay once the listing has been submit and the Header image is actually showing correctly.  Our engineers are looking into some of the feedback our community reports as having received by eBay, but as noted earlier in this thread, as long as your Header image is showing in the listing, we have been able to successfully submit your image to eBay.

As for your mention of canceling the affected listings, I suggest that you first try revising them directly on eBay; if the eBay tool for generating the gallery image is failing.  You should be able to go to the Revise Your Item form for the listings and then remove and replace the Header image (you may need to replace all of the listing images when revising) on your listings.  This should then prompt eBay to make new attempts at generating the gallery image.

 - Craig


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