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Originally posted by virginiabeachgirl:
Does anyone know how to change the gallery picture selected after the listing has been posted to Ebay?

eBay has a new procedure to update or refresh the Gallery Image. It's located on the Site Map page under Sell (middle column) marked "Change Your Item's Gallery Image". You'll need the listing # to use the procedure.

Originally posted by virginiabeachgirl:
I went here. This seemed to only allow you to create a new gallery picture, but not change an existing one. Do I not do it correctly?

If it's an Auctiva hosted picture, use Replace to update the picture in Auctiva Images tab - Manage Images. Then run that eBay procedure to refresh, i.e. you can essentially use it to force a reload of the URL hosted picture with no change. Trust me.....been there done that. Smile

This is not exactly what I wanted, but it led me down the path to what I did want. So thanks. Here's how I did it: I did not want to change the way the pictures appeared in listing, only the gallery image. 1. Locate the listing in your Saved Listings folder and click on its title to open it in the one-page lister.
2. Scroll to the Image section.
If you would like to take a few pictures out, click the Remove link under each picture you would like to remove from the listing.
If you would like to replace all the pictures or add pictures to the listing, click on any image to bring up the image selector pop-up window. To replace all the pictures, click the blue Reset button at the top of the pop-up. Then, click on the pictures you would like to appear in the listing. You should see numbers appear on each picture to tell you the order in which the pictures will appear on your listing. To add additional pictures to the listing, simply click on them. You should see numbers appear on each new picture indicating they are being added to the images that are already there.
3. When your image changes are complete, scroll to the bottom and click the Save button.
4. Return to the Saved Listings page and check the box next to your updated listing.
5. Click the HTML link on the right and copy the HTML in the popup box.
6. Locate the item on eBay and click the "Revise Item" button.
7. Scroll down to the "Description" section and click the HTML tab on the description editor.
Paste the copied HTML in place of what's there and save your changes.

Just FYI, if you do not complete refresh your gallery image in Ebay you could end up with different gallery and header images. As we know Auctiva already got slapped on the hand for this as it is against Ebay policy. So beware, even the software capability to do this is there or if you do it by accident, you put yourself at risk of losing your Ebay selling priveledges. I may be a Newbie to Auctiva Community, but not to software.
Hi virginiabeachgirl,

I'm not sure what you mean by "Auctiva already got slapped on the hand for this", as we do not control the images that are placed in our customers' listings. Regardless of whether you are posting through Auctiva or directly through eBay, you do have the capability to specify header/gallery images that represent a completely different item than the images within your description reflect. However, doing so would obviously not be conducive to maximizing one's sales.

In any event, if you need to change the gallery/header images specified in your listings after they are active on eBay, you will need to make that change through eBay's "Revise your Item" form. This specific revision can be done via the following process:

1) Log-in to your eBay account and visit the item for which you'd like to change the header/gallery image.
2) Right-click the image you’d like to make your new header/gallery image and click “Properties”
3) Copy the image URL, which begins with http://...
4) Click the “Revise your Item” link at the top of the auction page.
5) Click the “Add Pictures” button.
6) Delete the text(if any) in the “Enter URL…” field(if any) and replace it with the copied URL.
7) Click the “Insert Pictures” button and save your changes.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact our customer support team using the appropriate link on our help page:


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