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First time I've heard of a stack overflow error from an Auctiva customer. What browser are you using? Do you have all the latest updates?

Once you've made sure you have the latest version of whatever browser you're using, if the problem happens more than once (which I'm guessing it will not), I'd definitely want you to file a support case so that the issue gets in front of our support and QA team.


This has happened for a long time. The last update I was able to make to my template was in May. Since then I can't make a change and save at all without getting the error.

I use IE 6 with all of the latest updates. It's all pretty basic.

I wouldn't even mess with the template but apparently there is a possibility that something in my template is causing the text editor to mess up my descriptions when I make a listing. I don't know what that would have to do with things but????

Anyway, I'll try one more time and then file another support case.
Oh yeah. I did. I've seen this problem posted by others with no real solution either. The only conclusive thing to do is to edit the template outside of the Auctiva editor and copy and paste it back. Then so a save without touching it.

The editors in Auctiva are weird, to say the least. They apparently can only deal with simple code. If you bring something in from Frontpage, for example, even a simple page layout, there will be something in there that jacks up the Auctiva editor.

So I guess the only real solution is to either do as I said earlier and don't try to change it in Auctiva or create your template from scratch within Auctiva. Either way it can be a pain.

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