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I am having problems posting an iron cross on ebay. They are ending my listing saying that is it racial. I haven't put anything in the listing except for what is listed historically. Two of the pictures do have the swastica emblem, but I have edited the pics so it does not show. Anyone have any suggestions. Prized historical treasures. Thanks, Kim
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you might try selling it on or even yahoo auctions. they all allow wwii items with swastikas, etc. (or at least yahoo used to, and i know gunbroker does)

since many collectors of wwii stuff are also gun collectors, might do better on the gun site, but dunno. never sold anything on either of them.

reason why ebay banned nazi stuff is because france banned the selling of it.

sorry i dont have other suggestions. Frown best of luck with it! personally, i think ebay is wrong for banning historical nazi items. if theyre going to do that, they need to ban hammer and sickle (sp?), confederate items, etc etc

edit to add - here's another gun auction site
This is just one more example of ebay trying to babysit which as you guys know from some of my other post, seriously Ticks Me Off!. We have enough nannyism in the US from our government, Like we need ebay doin it too? sheesh!

I can understand why ebay would cancel some auctions, such as rights violation or government imposed regulations, etc. But to cancel an auction of uneakstuff's nature is uncalled for. These type items fall under the same category as say, an X rated movie channel. If you dont like it, then dont look at it.

Someone needs to bring a lawsuit to ebays doorstep over this kind of thing. I mean after all it is a public trading ground, right? Then maybe they will quit integrating opinion into their rules and stick with Local, State, Federal and worldwide regulations only.
GRRRRRRRRRRR! Mad Sorry, My button got pushed!

P.S. Dont feel bad Uneakstuff I once had 4 listings cancelled because they had the word Jello in the description. I was selling molds that were not Jello Brand....ahahahahahahaha! Rediculous!
Ok, so france wants to babysit its people as well then. Because just like our government (They know whats best for you) Better put that seatbelt on, you might fly through the window if you So basically ebay is going to bow to the french government to save face this what your saying? Good lawd!!!!!!! we got babysitters all over the place. Hand me that pacifier would ya...lmao. Sorry man its just one of my pet peeves...Ill stop now...lolol.

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