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Hello..newbie here. I am on the lister page and have been trying to insert my headings into the template as shown when you first preview the template. I have done all the seller detail things that I need to do. The description comes up automatically. I then hit on the payment heading on the lister page and that shows up on the template. I then hit on the shipping heading and it changes from payment on the template to shipping on the template. What am I doing wrong or have I forgotten to do something? Confused
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Hmmmm.....You guys might be talking about 2 different things here.....Steve is talking about Seller Details, that show below your description within your template, I.E. Payment, Shiping, Contact Us etc.
I almost have a feeling you might mean PROFILES, like item details, marketing, payment instructions, checkout, etc. where you have to maximize each section on your listing page.
(These sections would be underneath your written description and the area where you choose photos).
If you can let us know which one you mean, Seller Details or Profiles, we could help you out more.

To answer your question tho, if you indeed mean Seller Details, like Taz said, to the right of your template box is a dropdown, you have to use this or it won't show in the listing, it doesn't show up automatically.

One more thing---they are all considered ONE profile..I went thru one by one, saved them, and found I only needed ONE name for all of them. So my dropdown box just says 'the usual' and I choose that.
It's late, I really hope I'm making sense here Confused
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OK -- Seller Details. You have Payment, Shipping, Terms of Sale, Contact Us. Go in each one, type what you want it to say, SAVE, and go on to the next one etc. until you are done. SAVE again and it will ask you for a name for all of them combined. As I said, I use 'the usual'.
When you are creating your listing, after you've chosen the trmplate, use the dropdown box on the right. It will already say 'seller details' It will drop down to whatever you have named it, click that. They will all show up together. You can't use them at all if you don't use a template.
You can preview right away to make sure they are all there.
OMG!!!! You are so awesome!!!! It finally worked...I didnt know I wasnt suppose to save each individual one...I just went back, deleted them all, went back in and filled in what I needed and hit next and then at the end saved everything!!!!! I gave it the name "Template Headings" and everything works!!!! My jewelry is up for sale on EBAY!!!!! Thanks again!!!! Big Grin

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