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for two days now when i click on ANY button an error page comes up and says I am not authorized to open this page ... this page comes up along with the correct page:

I do not have a clue about this, it sort of scares me really due to the FCK part ... what IS this?
God Bless! Revita
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Hi donna,

Well I have to admit that the first time I saw the name of this editor was when it was giving me a real hard time, and I can tell you, the FCK bit fitted well with my frame of mind at that time... chuckle.... !!! It amazes me that the programmers who made this software actually thought of calling it that. Maybe they had a hard tme with it too when making it... ha har.. as capt would say.

Infact it still makes me chuckle when I see that FCK bit, cos that editor has given me many sleepless nights....

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