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Another attempt to put a dent in microsoft:

Microsoft has been having plenty of trouble on its own, between delays in releasing the Vista operating system and being forced to change some unpopular policies with its human resources processes. Now we have the image of a Google monster stalking the P&L statements of Microsoft while wearing a bladed glove and a red-and-black sweater.
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Doing spreadsheets online? Seems a little icky, doesn't it? I mean, spreadsheets are usually full of info you don't want to share with too many people, right? Maybe I've been reading too much Orwell.
gives me the heebie jeebies too. i wonder, though, if it will be able to pull in info from csv files online. might make it easier to automate conversion and upload of product info from website to googlebase.

other than that, though, see no use for it. if you want free spreadsheet, get openoffice ( and keep your data out of google's grubby paws.
Originally posted by wahm922:
Has google gone to far?



Tell ya what...I was on

and they have a new birds eye view of the property address you put in. (i.e., meaning mine) and goodness, you can get right down and into my front yard with that tool. Clear and concise. The pic appears to be taken about 3 years ago when we moved in the house.

Know how I can tell? There's still a tree in my neighbors yard that was toppled in the first hurricane last year. AND several citrus tree's in the neighbors behind me that aren't there anymore due to the fourth hurricane last year.

I'll watch myself when working in the yard Danielle...hahaha...that wouldn't be right to get Google earth all on me while I'm pulling weeds. <smile>

Love the link,

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