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I just got this email, I thought they were proven to be a scam and shut down? Steve, what's up with this?

Dear Danielle,

In order to get started you must activate your GreenZap account by clicking
on the link below, and enter your GreenZap password to confirm your email

URL Removed

If you are unable to open the above link, please copy and paste the full
link into your web browser's address bar.

We would like to thank you in advance for choosing GreenZap and we look
forward to providing you with the highest quality of service.

Happy Zapping!

GreenZap Customer Care
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half asleep, so will keep it to the point, avoid it (which i know you knew, but others here might not know). gz has also resulted in the longest thread in history of currently at 208 pages! link to last page

and for those that dont know, gz is the reason ebay started prohibiting various payment methods from being metioned in listings. ebay did it when truth behind gz started to unfold, in order to protect the community from scammers (should mention, gz being the reason is just theory myself and several others have -- ebay never said that it was reason. this theory is based upon the timing of ebays announcement, the wording, and that listings with gz in them were some of the very first to get the boot)

btw, just a word of advice to anyone that decides to post on about gz. keep identity private. use totally different name than use elsewhere. some of us made that mistake and ended up with all sorts of threats being made against us, both financial and physical.
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The thing I found odd about GZ is I visited their page, ONCE. I never signed up or even investigated the website.
When they went "live", I was bombarded with emails and I even got the email Danielle has mentioned. With my name!
Now how did they get that when I never even signed up for anything? My IP addy?
Stay far, far away from GZ. I concur.

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