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omg, too funny. You got me choking on that one I was laughing so hard. lol

I think I got it figured out. It's a wireless keyboard and there is a button on the bottom to change channels, I pushed it and it worked heck if I understand why or what the button does but as long as it works.

It was taking me like a minute to type 10 words or less, was getting upset kinda hard to devote the day to working when keyboard has a mind of its own.

Thanx for the laugh. Frog
I like both my wiresless keyboard and my wireless mouse.

What I have a problem with and why I'm not using them anymore is this...

When the batteries DIE..they die! Then I'm scrambling around trying to find some.

So it's easier for me not to be frustrated and just use the ones with wires.

Note to self: Next time buy a wireless mouse with a recharger.

Take care, Donna

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