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Big Pig-fest here!

Smoked Turkey, green bean casserole, zucchini & squash casserole, hash brown casserole, (hey I'm southern and we believe in those casseroles, ha) asparagus with hollandaise sauce, spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing, deviled eggs, rolls, butter and of course something to drink..
Mimosa's, Fuzzy Navel's and Gin and Tonic's.

The traditional Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Easter bunny with jelly beans, hershey's kisses, reece peanut butter cups. My babies have had this since they were young ones...and it would be sorely missed. (the new addition this year was my 22 year old man/boy decided to use a Twix Bar placed appropriately behind the bunny tail, BOYS!) We also have Jello Jiggler Molds in the shape of eggs...FUN! Not to mention the Easter Basket Candy, too!

Easter wouldn't have been a wise day to start counting calories.

Hope everyone had a blessed day,

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