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Hi from Sunny Southern California..just want to wish all of the Auctiva Team and all users a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

And please post:

What are you Thank-ful for this year?

I am thank-ful for my family's good health, a job, waking up every morning, and the smile on my son's face, turkey dinner with my family, and of course Auctiva! and much more!

Happy Turkey Day!
Cal Girl
Some People Dream of Success While Others Wake Up and Work Hard At It! - unknown
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I'd actually go for some years of sleep right about now, lol. I've been lucky to get 3 hours a night. Haven't even really been on the computer except to check email. Which I get on my blackberry so even then I don't really get on. In fact I've gotta go change a diaper now, she just finished feeding. So i have about 2-2.5 hours of peace until he wakes up again after his change and expects to be fed again. Rinse and repeat. On the good side the healing was well enough from the csection that we got released today from the hospital so we are home now.

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