I upload pics directly from my computer. As of late this afternoon, I can no longer do that. I have to upload the pics to Auctiva and go there and find them. What am I missing? The last ting I need is something else to slow me down. Would appreciate any advice. Help desk told me how to upload to Auctiva. I don't want to do that. I need to browse, find the pic, upload it and go. Not computer literate here, but I don't need to make any stops along the way. What is different this afternoon that wasn't there earlier? How can I revert back?
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Hey, another thread!

Are you saying that the images work if you go and find one that's already uploaded?

I started to try that but my images are all in one big folder and since they're only sorted chronologically that means it would take forever to find the one I'm looking for. Unless I'm missing something..
Hi Rick,
No, I tried it. That isn't working eighter. I listind some items this morning and all was OK.

I did make one discovery while in there though. Someone has uploaded pics of a beatiful newborn into my account. She - pink clothing a clue - is beautiful. There are also many pic of sunsets, ocean wave, mountains, etc. This child appears to be Asian if anyone is looking for their newborn pics.

Is there someone watching who can tell me when this will be repaired? Can't load pics at all = can't list. I know its Friday afternoon, but could you address this before you leave? Thanks in advance.

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