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What format are they listed in because if they are in eBay store inventory format they do not appear by default in eBay searches.

Normally the indexing takes up to approx 6 hours which is obviously long gone.

By categories are you referring to eBay listing categories or eBay store custom categories.

When you search for your listings are you searching on eBay or using the search facility in your Auctiva store.

Sorry for all the questions but without more detail it is difficult for anyone to help you Smile
Hi that is why you cannot see them, it is one of the ways eBay annoys store based sellers.

A potential buyer has to explicity change the search to include store inventory format items which is not very obvious.

The only time they would appear with default settings is if there were very few auction style listings that matched and you were in the top 5 or so sellers of that item.

Otherwise you need a few auction style items which are easily found by searches and include links to your eBay store to see all the others. They are more expensive to list that way but they attarct and redirect customers to your main stock. Smile
Hi, yes but if you are using them to direct custom to your store and store inventory format listings their active life span is unknown, i.e. they may be snapped up in a day or so.

If you make them 10 day listings starting at the store price for instance they will be directing custom for 10 days. A potential plus point is that bidders may compete and raise the selling price and give you more cash as well Smile

Set the end time to a preferred day to suit your customers peak viewing times for maximum sale value Cool

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