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This is not the first time I've had this type of problem in the 9 months I have used auctiva. But when I type the description, various problems come up.

I typed my entire description last night, but when I previewed it, the first part didn't show up and the text I had bullets on was missing. The bullets were there, but the text was missing. I even copied and pasted to an email and sent it to myself. When I copied it, all the text was there, but when I looked at the sent email, it looked just like the preview on auctiva.

I gave up last night after I spent a long time trying to fix it. Then I a few minutes ago I decided to just write out the missing text again on the description area. That previewed fine, but after I try to copy and paste the rest of the description and start adding bullets again, more problems start.

When I press enter to go to the next line, the cursor moves upward to a different spot in the text, and will not let me go to the next line where I need it to. And now it will not let me insert bullets where I need it to, either.

Also, sometimes when I try to add bullets or do something else, it will even change the font size, though I told it to do something else. It just acts wacky sometimes.

I am at my wits end with these problems! Am I the only one to ever experience this? Any suggestions for solutions would be much appreciated!
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Guys, you're copying & pasting much more than the text that you see - you're also copying across a load of unseen HTML code and formatting. That's why when you typed some of the description in as new, it worked OK.
Here's what you should do. When you've pasted your text into the editor, select it all, and click the button in the top row of the editor above the word 'Size' and the hyperlink buttons - hover over and it will say 'Remove Format'. Now you deselect all your text and format each line/paragraph as you wish.
When you paste new stuff, it may be advantageous to use the 'Paste as plain text' or 'Paste from Word' buttons. Hover over the buttons to see which they are.
Hi I have had this same problem on and off for years. And I do not cut and paste but maybe 1 in 200-300 listings. When I do cut and paste I do from notepad.

I also use the select all and eraser and sometimes still have problems. This has been ongoing problem for quite a while now and has been discussed on other forums many times.

I have tried different browsers, erased cookies, etc., and sometimes it still happens. Don't know why but my problem is not as bad as it once was. Sometimes and select and eraser does not work either, do I just do save as new at bottom. When it clicks to new listing, Then do the select erase then put in the size colors, etc. that I want. (just make sure you go back and deleted the original one.)

This is not total solution but works for me.

HTML editors in general cause problems when you copy text from MS Word and directly paste it in to the HTML editor. The reason for this is that MS-Word generates non-displayed Microsoft specific formatting characters that conflict our HTML/text editor (or most anyone else's. Just try pasting text created in MS-Word into Google's Blogger text editor and see what happens. Hint: Google's editor gets confused by the Word control characters in a manner very really similar to what happens when you paste text created in MS-Word into our editor.)

If you are going to create text in Word, you should first save it out as a .TXT (text) file, then open that file in Notepad and then copy into our editor. That will strip out all the offending Word-specific formatting that messes up the HTML editor. Or, As lookandbuyme suggests, you can create the text in Notepad to begin with and skip using MS Word.

Also, for the best experience with the editor, I strongly recommend that you check your Account Preferences Page and make sure that the checkbox for 'Use Design Editor v2.0 Beta' is checked. Editor Version 2.0 is really not Beta any more; we've had it on the site for several months and have been tardy in dropping the Beta designation. Version 2.0 fixes some known problems of the earlier editor version.

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