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Originally posted by jmack1232000:
One of my listings on ebay doesn't have a picture on the header. I've done the add image procedure but you have to click on view larger picutre to get it, although the image is on gallery. How can I get it on the header so it can be viewed immediately? Does anyone know how?


The Auctiva Add Images procedure adds the image(s) to the bottom of the description section, i.e. is not the one image that's allowed free by eBay that's normally displayed at the top and bottom (larger version). It's somewhat analogous to using eBay's Revise listing procedure to add to description, i.e. it shows a date and revision to listing.

To add that header image to an active listing, you'd need to use eBay's Revise listing procedure and load (or point to) an image for that purpose.

I know that may seem confusing, but Auctiva's method to give you all those special image features free, is to embed those images within the eBay defined Description section of the listing, including those added later by Add Images button. The eBay one free image plus any paid-for are not shown in that area. The free image is the one eBay uses for the header. That "one" you set as the Header (and optionally Gallery) on the Auctiva one-page listing editor.


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