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Listings are not posting to eBay, and have not been posting since at least Friday.

Will someone from Auctiva please address this issue, so we in the Community are informed as to WHAT is going on, and WHEN you expect the problem to be resolved?

Are these problems being faced by your paying customers, as well?

~ Thanks
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Actually, no. I use Mr Poster and have no problems. The online version of Auctiva is one of the biggest pieces of junk I have ever seen. Yes its free, but time is also money. I use the online version when I have more than one image to load and it is horrible to use. I tried to create listings this morning (if you read the boards they say the online Auctiva doesn't work on Friday mornings, and Sundays) and here it is Tuesday morning and it doesn't work today either. Mr Poster works great. Its simple to use, but not pretty. It simply gets the job done in a LOT less time. I for one will be switching to something else for online stuff by the end of the year. I can no longer live with software that is just plain awful.
Thanks Greg,
I'd never even heard of Mr. Poster. Why doesn't Auctiva promote all their eBay software on this website?!! Most people don't even know this stuff exists,for the lack of promotion.

Okay, just put Auctiva Mr. Poster in a Google Search. Mr. Poster is a FREE bulk eBay listing and design software from Auctiva that you can download to your hard drive. Let's see how we all do with that. Roll Eyes
Hi Bouncing Bubba,

Our posting statistics have been quite stable, with the exception of certain period last Sunday, so I suspect the reason your listings are not posting is specific to those listings, or to your account.

I suggest you file a support case regarding this issue using the appropriate link on our help page:


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