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I can't list anything! I just got a bunch of new stuff, and can't list any of it.
First, I keep getting a message that I have a deleted image in my description. I have no idea about that, since I haven't deleted any images.
Then, it says it has saved my listing anyway, and I do error check, and it says pass, but when I try to list, I get an error, saying the shipping cost for extra items is not filled out, even though I have entered 0, 0.00, and whatever else I can think of. Apparently, it is not saving this, even though the error check before saving says all is ok.
I even went and changed all the image URLs to the new ones that Auctiva decided to change them to, and still get the deleted image error. Auctiva will not allow me to post anything to ebay.
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Well, I saw on mine, that the image urls I use in my auction listing borders had all been changed. So I changed one of the descriptions to all the new URls, and still had the same problem. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, but sorry that you're also having problems.
I think I'll give up for the night, and try tomorrow, or use the ebay SYI form (shudder).

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