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I registered with Auctiva about a week ago. I soon discovered that the site is not compatible with ebay UK though Frown
To my surprise (as I didn't request this) I do have the store feature on my ebay pages which is great.
My problem is, I have 53 items for sale which have been listed over the past week or so but only 8 items show on the store scroll. People must be sick of seeing the same items passing by! How to I get all of my items for sale to show on the scroll please?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Tom,

Many thanks for your reply Smile

As you say, there are 53 items on the site but honestly, my pics on ebay have never changed. Frown No matter what day or time I check, I see the same few photos. The scrolling store has looked like this for about a week now. It really is driving me nuts! Do you any suggestions as to what I can do next?

Thanks also for the link to

I will check this out very soon!


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