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Hi, yesterday I used auctiva for the first time. I put up a scheduled posting for this morning. I can see it in my summary - ebay sent me an email saying that it has been listed but I can't see it in category unless I hit the code No 180217987594 and not in the category it should be posted which is maternity / bundle.In the event box shows success
What have I done wrong?
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Hi Zac, --- You probably haven't done anything "wrong"!
Ebay sequesters brand-new listings sent from 3rd party listing-tool services (like Auctiva) and examines them to ascertain they aren't scams or fraud attempts. They will show up and be available to the public within anywhere from 2 to 4 hours after you post them to ebay. There are numerous postings here on the boards about this...and it is a subject which has caused a considerable amount of confusion and anxiety for folks who don't realize this at first. Don't worry... be patient and give it a few hours. ~~ On the category issue... if your listing has been mis-categorized, then you should be able to 'revise' your listing to re-categorize it using the ebay 'revise-listing' feature. (I believe this is right...somebody correct me here if I'm wrong).


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