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Hi! Could really use some help with a standard Auctivia Template. I am using Flux-Still Cream.

In the Shipping Section the background behind the lettering is white. All of the other section correctly have the cream colored background. What did I do that caused this & how do I fix it?

I do not know HTML & I have playing with this for weeks to get this far. I am trying to set-up a test auction as a learning experience & am really stuck with this one. Spent over 4 hours on this today.

Would really appreciate any help anyone could provide. I am not very tecnically savvy, so if you could please write any suggestions in easy to follow, it would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Hi - Try this fix: Open your saved Seller Details, open the Shipping section in Design Editor mode. In the toolbar at the top of the box click the icon for 'select all' to highlight your text, then click the icon for 'backround color', and click on 'automatic'. This should remove the white backround and substitute the template backround color. Save. Now open the listing and preview. Hopefully the problem will have disappeared.
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Hi sandysworkbasket,

Problem solved! I reviewed your seller details profile and found that the background color was specified as "white" in the "Shipping" section of your seller details profile. I removed the background color by deleting the corresponding HTML code, however, revising that section in the manner ninth_wave suggested above would have yielded the same result.

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