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By now you've heard about eBay's policy of Sellers not being able to offer Money Orders, Cashier's Checks or other forms of payment that are not electronic. Well.... for those of us who use Auctiva and have the offer of Money Orders in the HTML - we need to remove it or face de-listing. Many sellers have 1000's of items in the store. Is there ANY way that Auctiva can assist us in modifying ACTIVE listings via the API so this task does not have to be done manually? It is a huge undertaking right at the Holiday Season. Any suggestions by Auctiva would be appreciated that's for sure! John and Carmen - The Quilted Pug
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It would be nice to get a response to this. I am one of those with a fully loaded store and there is no way I can go in and edit every single listing all over AGAIN. These changes are wearing me out. They take away our option to accept whatever form of payment we choose, now they tell us how much we can charge to ship an item as well. This is getting a little crazy.
I am with you. Been doing the over 400 individually and it is so frustrating.

The fact that eBay is in control and we will be punished if we don't do it is so insane.

No choice of payment with PP only is going to ruin us as well as them wanting shipping included. Buyers that do buy will ding our stars just for the fact they think they paid too much for the article. What to do? A new site Bonanzle dot com is attracting some fine sellers and growing very fast. I love it and they like us.
Hi- The easiest way I found to do this is with Turbo Lister. Even if you didnt list with it you can import your active & unsold listing to turbo lister & edit 200 at a time. You have to do each type of listing as a seperate group.( auctions, store,fixed price). I was also able to add the return policy at the same time. The only thing is that we have money orders,checks noted in the body of the description as well so that does have to be done one at a time. Ebay recommencded that we edit each listing as it either ends or rolls over as we have until late October to make the correction.

I agree, I am so frazzled over all these changes! I have dial-up so it takes me so much time to list one listing. Not only do I have to go through 700 listings by the end of October, but you also have to add if the item is NEW, USED, GENTLY USED etc. or it will be listed as "CLASSIFIED", Does Auctiva have this in their auctions that we can just check the box if the item is new/used, etc? If not, I will have to post the item through Auctiva, then go into Ebay and add the New/Used, etc to each listing that has been listed.
I don't know, their has to be an easier way, Its going to take me forever to do this!
Any suggestions would be a big help?

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