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Hey there everyone. I have a problem seller on Ebay and need some help before someone actually buys her fake stuff. People who knows something about Yugioh cards are even better. 140223085773 this auction has 3 fake, and bad fakes at that, cards in it. When I contacted the seller to let her know they were counterfeits she got very defensive and basically told me I was stupid and didn't exist. I need people to either email her and tell her that yes indeed those are counterfeits or to report her before some poor unsuspecting little one using their mom or dad's account buy junk pieces of paper. Thanks to all who help.
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She's american, and I'm not sure where the cards are from but they're written in english. They are just soooo obviously fake that I assumed she didn't know. That's why I emailed her in the first place. I've done this for probably about 20 people in the last month or so and have had 6 people thank me for pointing out errors or fakes for them and another 4 who fixed the listing though they didn't respond to me (which is perfectly fine). I like to give the person a chance to fix it before I report them. But her I reported right after I got her email.
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I have sold items that I was almost certain were not \genuine - but in every case I describe the items in detail including the fact that I believe or know they are reproductions.

It someone insist on selling fakes, then contact Ebay. Some repros are worth more money than the originals.

You can't protect every buyer that wants to make a big profit on every buy. Nor should you, life is the best teacher.

Do your bst to warn unsuspecting people, let the others learn the hard way! I have bought any crap pieces ( which I represent as crap) nd we all sort of still keep on living.

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