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HELP - I am looking for small tiny crates - look like orange crates BUT tiny.

I need crates - about 2" X 1.5" (told you tiny LOL)
I need them with oneside open so I can fill it but must have the stick or whatever to close it.

Sure, I can cut a bunch of popsicle sticks up and make them but figured it would be a whole lot easy if I could just buy them.

Anyone have any idea who makes them? where I can find them. I attempted to search the web and found nothing close to what I want.
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I would like at least a dozen ... but need cheap cheap cheap as they will be used in an item that will probably sale for $2 or so.

Funny both you FL people responded because what I thought of would work great is those crates that you see alot of in the FL souvenir stores with oranges (usually candy or gum) in them. They are slightly bigger then my measurements but if I could get them I could make them work!

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