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hi there ive done some bits and bats for my store but when i went to ebay my old store is still there how do i change it to the auctivia one please
also when i look at the auctivia store it says theres currently to items available for sale how do i put all my current ebay listings on please?
i would appreciate any help please
many thanks
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Hi there. I have the same problem.I just posted the same type of thing Aug.20. I want my current listings to post with Auctiva and start from there with my new listings but my store always says there are no listings at this time. Very frustrating. I haven't had any help yet but that was just yesterday. I'm thinking about abandoning Auctiva all together.
YEAH maybe hang on in there send me your email if you want and when i get an answer i can let you know they should have a private message service to other members then we could have probably had our answer by now but ive searched the help part several times
my email is
ive also sent support an email but havnt heard anything yet
will let you know as soon as
Firstly, the Auctiva store won't reflect on your eBay store. The Auctiva store isn't actually a store but a collection of all of your eBay listings. So all the customization you do is just for that one page.

Secondly, if all of your listings are not importing you should probably file a support case if you haven't (bottom of the Help page).

And if it seems that you're not hearing back from support be sure to check the status of your case from the site (also at the bottom of the Help page).

Hope that helps.
The "Auctiva store" is basically another tool to help you display and sell your items, not a means to replace an existing ebay store front.

Let me give an example, for those who use Auctiva but do not have an ebay store, it is a great way for buyers to see all your items at once in a store-like format. Buyers would just have to click on the link on the scrolling gallery and then they could view all of that persons items in a store setting without the person having an ebay store. Buyers would have to click on that link though to get to the Auctiva just will not come up automatically or be offered like an Ebay store is offered on ebay.

For Ebay store owners, it is just another selling tool to use. I spend most of my time on my Ebay store front and have not spent as much on the Auctiva one. When I was only doing auctions and no store, I did push the link to my auctiva store a lot so people could see my items.

Hope that helps but if you need more info or help, just let us know.


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