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Hey all, Ive also run into these little glitches, If you need to list a item right now at this moment then this is how I am doing it. List everything with flat rate shipping. Ignore the pickup only when you look at preview and list the item. Make sure the shipping amount is super high so no one bids before you can get to ebay and revise the listing to calculated shipping. If your listing is flat rate then it should list fine. I just left my international shipping locations the same and put no international shipping in the check box. when you go to ebay it still shows the places you will ship.
Originally posted by Fruitcocktail:
Any word from Auctiva on a fix for this. We've been using the software less than a week, and we're really frustrated. Skipping Int'l shipping just not an option! Mad

Thanks to all!

Hang in there. Auctiva has been pretty reliable for me. Well worth waiting for them to fix. This is the first time I've experienced problems like this with Auctiva.

Best Regards! Wink

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