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Happy 4th! Please, help me?! I'm so new to navigating Auctiva and spent HOURS trying to teach myself. 2 problems ... my 1st entered item 140135361520 duplicated with same item number, showing up twice in the showcase! How do I delete one AND how do I get the showcase at the BOTTOM instead of TOP of my listing? I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help! I've been at this since last night & no quick help=thought all looked ok until it was listed! Sigh ....
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Hi, I have one like that too, but so long as there is only one listing on eBay (an item listed multiple times would have different eBay numbers for each) then I am not bothered about it. Only one eBay fee would have been paid and anyone clicking on either in my Auctiva store would end up at the same listing.

I think this is a hiccup with Auctiva and filing a support request should get it fixed.

Sure I have seen others with this recently. Smile
Thank you, ChooChoo! Are you saying that both the duplication AND the showcase being at top are coincidental hiccups? Or did I do something or didn't do something to make the showcase be on the top instead of bottom. One of the duplicate listings says "Imported" and the ohter one doesn't (under my active listings in Auctiva) ... what did I do, or how can I prevent in future? I very much appreciate your time and help Smile... was ready to give up! Confused
Hi, no duplicate is a hiccup, the other is just the default setting placing the scrolling gallery at the top.

Imported means it has been copied from your eBay account, curious, I think that needs querying with Auctiva.

Two further tips, one enter a specific question as the title rather than 'help' and two, keep it to one thread at a time.

As I am now answering you on two threads, would have been one if I had remembered you had asked two questions in the first place, doh Roll Eyes
Hi, just checked my active listings list.

The original listing includes the folder name it is stored in but imported ones including my duplicate one do not show a folder name or the word 'imported' as yours does.

My imported ones are usually those which have been relisted at eBay even though they were originally created and posted from Auctiva. All the other relisted ones are ok Confused

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