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Please help!,
I am having problems setting up shipping for postcode (zip code) zones in the UK.
Some of my items MUST be signed for on delivery.
Royal Mail 1st class, Royal Mail second class and Royal Mail Parcelforce24.
We have 3 postal zones for Royal Mail.
Zone 1 is UK mainland, whilst Zones 2 & 3 will encure an additional charge for orders sent by Royal Mail Parcelforce24.
When I try to test an order, it keeps displaying Zone 1 charges as well as the alternative (Zone 2 or Zone 3)
I have tried using the Auctiva help using wildcard* but this does not help me with UK postcodes as all of our postcodes start with 2 letters then a number. Does anyone know how to exclude certain postcodes from a shipping zone.
Watches are one of the items that can only be signed for; if you wanted to see what result I am getting.
I hope this makes sense. if any one in the UK has achieved this, your reply would be most welcome.
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Hi Katherine,

Thanks for posting your question here. Ebay UK does not actually support breaking up the domestic shipping section into multiple different zones so any domestic shipping services you select for your listings will be available to any buyers located within the UK.

However, even though you cannot exclude certain domestic shipping options from being available to buyers located in specific zones of the UK, you could just use calculated shipping and the shipping calculator should automatically account for these surcharges when calculating the rates based on your buyer's postal code and the package and sevice details you have entered.

The nature of this question leads me to suspect you are referring to your Auctiva Commerce store but I posted information that pertains to eBay because this question was posted in the section of our forum intended for discussing the eBay listing and management tools available at

If you are still in need of assistance setting up your shipping options as described within your Auctiva Commerce store, please file a support request for that product by completing the form on the following page of our site:

I was unable to find any support cases about this topic in our system, but we will do our best to help you out with this if you contact us in that manner.


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