Hello all, I have been using Auctiva for a little bit now. I am just getting familiar with the Inventory tab. I have 2 questions. One I think I know the answer but I hope not cuz I don't like the answer Red Face.
1. Is there anyway I can add inventory through my already saved listings? I think I know this answer.
2. Sometimes I sell 2 items in one listing as a set whereas others I sell them individually. Am I able to have them seperate in my inventory list and add the 2 items to a single listing. Example I have a cleanser and a moisturizer listed seperately in my inventory but I want to list them in a single listing together.
Any help on this is appreciated
Thanks Big Grin
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When you add your inventory items, there is an 'item type' field that can be set to 'kit.' If you are not familiar with the term, a kit is a bundle of items that are sold together on the same listing.

Once you have completed set up the individual inventory items that go into the kit (these are called kit components, and you can also sell these separately outside the kit), you can use the edit kit function..its on the 'Manage Inventory Items' page...to associate the kit components with the kit identity they can be sold as.

There is another item type called assembly in which the assembly component items cannot be sold separately but only in the form of the assembly.

I think the kit fits the model of what you said you wanted to do better than the assembly does.

We have some tutorials on inventory...here is the one covering adding items Add Inventory Items Tutorial

Hope this helps.
Thank you for your reply, just to be sure I have this correct...I will use cleanser as one item and moisturizer as another item.
When I add cleanser to my inventory I will check the box as kit...same as with th moist.
When I set up my listing I will check the box that asks if this is an inventory item.
The inventory will then remove both the cleanser and moist from my inventory?

Which brings me to another question...do I have to start a listing from the inventory section if it includes an inventory item?

In all of my saved listings can I keep those and just check the 'is this an inventory item' or do I have to redo them all?

I know a lot of questions.
Hello, i have created the kits. i have one question...I have 2 items that go into a kit...I have 10 of each item which make 10 available kits. if I sell 1 on the items as an individual will it automatically change the available kits for me or do i have to manually do that?

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