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I am trying to use my custom template and keep getting the following message when I try to save it.

You must use one, and only one, description tag in your template. Choose [DESCRIPTION] or [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES].

When I put it on the practice board it looks fine. That url is

I'd really appreciate any help. Also if I use my custom template what happens to the seller detail profiles I set up?
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Hi Sweet Success -

Is this a custom template you have created and/or purchased and brought here?

It looks to me like you are not using the Auctiva template tags in this template. Though you do have a Description tag in your HTML, all templates used through Auctiva have to use Auctiva tags in order to retrieve and place the correct information in the right spaces.

The good news is this is an easy fix. Take your HTML to our custom template creator (find the link near the bottom of the Listing landing page). Delete your old tags from your HTML and put our tags (from the list on the left) where you want each section of information to show up on your template. I do believe there is a great tutorial called "Custom Template - Tutorial" at the top of this topic to help with this.

Come back if it doesn't work Smile

Guess success wasn't so sweet in this case, huh? Razz

I am sorry that it didn't work. I feel like there is just a small thing missing to this equation but I can't quite put my finger on it - I'd be willing to bet someone else here can.

One other option is to ask whoever created it to help you make it Auctiva compatible because alot of template designers out there are more than happy to help with that.

Best of luck -

Hello Sweet Success,

Auctiva tags are only good here at Auctiva. If you view them on let's say the "" site they will show only as a bracketed tag. Now, if you are using these tags at auctiva's custom template maker and you save and preview and all you see is a what you have put in then you either have a spelling error or you have used lowercase instead of all caps and words seperated by underscores. Make sure to use the tags exactly the way we have them. Check here for examples.

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