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I am a newbie that is struggling with listing I have placed on ebay through Auctiva.
I placed my first listing the other night and my scrolling gallery is showing the original Buy it Now price even though I amended it not 20 minutes after original listing. This was 3 or 4 days ago now and it hasn't changed. My gallery is also not showing the listing I put on previous to this onedirect through ebay.

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1) this may need a fixing via a support request as certain parts of the listing are held seperately from your active listing for the SG and Auctiva store.

2) I don't think existing direct listings have the SG added retrospectively. Normally the SG is appended to a listing when posted from Auctiva. It is possible to add it afterwards manually by pasting the HTML code for it into the live listing via my ebay -> revise item. You need to be comfortable with HTML to do that otherwise a real mess can result.

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