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How to know you're spending too much time on your Ecommerce business? I emerged from my downstairs office at 7:30 pm last night to find I had missed the house next door nearly burning down by 2 hours. Both yard were full of Fire Engines and EMT's. I hadn't heard a thing.Guess it's good they came home and discovered the fire. We could live through Armageddon down here and never hear a thing. They're OK. Young couple, 2 small kids, had just put the house on the market last week.
Here's your sign!
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Our former abode three years ago? I know zactly how you feel. To me the room felt like I was in a cave at times working on my stuff. Room darkening shades, thick doors and a feeling quiet. Which I needed back then because I was working on...dare I say it...dial-up! <smile> It was so slow and to do any kind of research or uploading of pics and such..I really needed to concentrate! Now with lightning fast cable, it's just so much easier.

Where I'm at now is sunny, next to a window and more open. I love it!

Love the area you're in! We've looked into that (and many others) for retirement. Hubster's a Bama man! (Roll Tide)

Glad everyone's safe!

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