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hi i read the sighn it said free but as they say there is no free lunch . as i understood it the man said where u see the lillte green dollar sign then that means that this is what u would be charged by ebay ??
add a gallery little green dollar sign no its not free to list photos it still costs ebay fee. second header in title little green dollar sign once again its not free ebay charge normal price.??? so where is the free bit ??
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You can post up to 24 pics in one auction FREE.
Supersize capability FREE
Scheduling & templates FREE
And more....the only thing you are paying is your usual Ebay fees for insertion and final value, or any extras like Bold or Gallery Plus, etc. That little green dollar sign is there to tell you that is what Ebay is going to charge you for. Auctiva does not charge you anything. Smile
hi the way i heard it was we do it free ?? i got charged for me photos ebay dosnt charge ordinarily for 1 photo . i posted a couple of items last night i got charged 70p the item sells for 99p normally through ebay i only get charged 15 p plus final value fee . so if there is a green dollar sign it means i will be charged by ebay for it , not auctiva , they make it appear that when u see a dollar sign they do it for free and post it as part of the service saving us money . it obviously dosnt save us money as we still have to pay for it in it.
You can relist from closed listings, it will relist the auction as it ended on ebay (handy if you made a change after you listed it and what that change to stay)

Saved listings I am not sure if you can import them from Active listings, I think they are listings you made through Auctiva, but yes you can list from there (item will not be eligible for a relisting fee credit if relisted through saved listings as it needs to be associated with the completed listing. Items relisted through closed listings get the relisting fee credit if it applies)

If you often post the same or similar items It might be worth checking out the profiles. This lets you save features (ie gallery) and checkout (payment options and returns policy) seller details will add details to your auctions about payment terms, about us, contact us etc.

I have it set up so I can do a repeat auction in about 4 clicks, photos, item description, price, format, everything.

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